For Sellers

How do I sell an item with SacDeLux?
Please fill out our consignment form found under the start selling tab on the website. Please upload detailed photos of any wear or imperfections. Once our team has received your inquiry, we will respond with estimated selling prices, as well as a buyout offer, if applicable. 
How will I know when my item is sold If I selected to consign?
When your item has sold, you will receive a payout receipt via email. Please note all consignment payouts are paid 30 days after the item has sold. Buyouts are paid once the item has passed our authentication process.
How do I know what to price my item at?
You will be given an option to list the highest selling price and a lowest selling price, we will start the item at the highest price, and use the lowest selling point for discounts and negotiation in store. If you are unsure of how much you would like to list your item for, you can leave that section blank and our team will reach out with our suggested selling prices. Our team will also suggest selling prices if we believe you have priced your item above or below market value.
When will I get paid out?
Payouts can take up to 21 business days from the time you receive the payout receipt. If you accepted a buyout offer, you will be paid out once your item is received in store and has passed our in store authentication. Consignor payouts can be made via CashApp, PayPal, or check. 
Will I be refunded for shipping?
Consignors are responsible for all shipping costs to send your item to SacDeLux. Our suggested shipping method to send your consignment is UPS. 
How does the buyout process work?
Items with an offered buyout price will be inspected within 48 hours of drop off or delivery to SacDeLux. After the after the condition and authenticity have been confirmed by the SacDeLux, you will be paid via the payment method of your choice. If the client approves their buy out offer, funds will be available 7-14  business days from the time of approval. Deposit options include; PayPal, Cash App, or checks.
What is SacDeLux's commission structure?
SacDeLux offer commission rate from a 60/40 split, to an 80/20 split, depending on the selling price of your item. All items sold for $999 and under, the consignor will receive 60% of the selling price. Items sold for $1000-$4999, the consignor will receive 70% of the selling price. All items sold for $5000+, the consignor will receive 80% of the selling price.  

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